All the new SimpsonsGuyStore listings are up on eBay now!!

All the new listings are up on eBay now!! 😝 check ’em out! They’re going fast lots of good modern and vintage collectibles! Transformers, TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles…Damn you for making me type that), G.i.Joe, DC Super powers, and 90s Marvel Toy Biz stuff. The link to my store (TheRobotsDungeon) will be provided below:


Here’s Your First Look At ‘Mythbusters’ Tackling The Most Ridiculous Moments From ‘The Simpsons’

That’s totally radical dude. The mythbusters are also really good sculpters.


As you might know, Mythbusters returns tomorrow with possibly the greatest crossover of all time: They’ll be tackling myths from The Simpsons. And they won’t even be dealing with the crappy seasons!

But how, precisely, will they be going after these myths? The just-released trailer above shows the team building toilet bombs, setting up their wrecking ball, and, of course… building a life-sized Homer Simpson. And yes, Homer’s going right into that wall with 5000 pounds on his crotch.

I’m a little unsure of how testing cartoon physics is going to work for the show; I’m assuming the foam Homer up there has a few sensors to tell us whether he’d be alive after getting sandwiched. That said, we get to watch a toilet explode in slow motion on TV as part of an alleged scientific experiment. It’s not cheap laughs, it’s an insightful consideration of the practicalities of…

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Here’s the unfinished first line of paintings at about 97% complete all around and many more to come soon on Etsy!

Okay this is my first line of TV cartoon character portraits. Not sure if I will be selling them framed or u framed let me know. Keep in mind that you may see some flaws with these pictures as some are like 3% unfinished. So please look enjoy let me know if you would be interested I’m offering custom orders just send me a picture of a character or a scene from a show you want and I can tell you a price. Thanks for looking 🙂












Check This out! I will definitely be visiting here ASAP! This could possibly be one of the best co-Branding mergers since Diz-nee/Star Wars. HAHA !

And its right next door to Harry Potter world so then you can go see Harry Potter and Spongebob land and theres Dr. Seuss land. Take some hallucinogens and that could be a fun time with all your cartoon buddies. Just stay away from Jurassic Park. That could uh..mess you up a little bit. You might end up in the security office. idk is Jurassic Park even Universal? At any rate I think this is one of the biggest Simpsons achievements to date. Its all thanks to the freemiun app.

" I'm Bart Simpson who the hell are you? " – Bart Simpson. " Worst episode ever! " – Comic Book Guy